[CloudAcademy] AWS: Overview of AWS Identity & Access Management (IAM) Download

This course looks at one of the key Security services within AWS, Identity & Access Management, commonly referred to IAM.

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[CloudAcademy] AWS: Overview of AWS Identity & Access Management (IAM) Download Free Tutorial Download

What will i learn?
  • Setup and configure users, groups and roles to control which identities have authorization to access specific AWS resources
  • Implement Multi-Factor Authentication
  • Create and implement IAM Policies allowing you to grant or restrict very granular and specific permissions across a range of resources
  • Implement a Password policy to align with your internal security controls
  • Understand when and why you may use Identity federation access
  • Understand how the Key Management Service (KMS) is used in conjunction with IAM

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The course discusses one of AWS Identity & Access Management's main protection programs, usually referred to as IAM. It administers identities and authorization that can access your AWS services and therefore allows you to ensure a secure AWS atmosphere by knowing how the service functions. IAM is an important step in safeguarding the wealth.

Within this course we will look at:

• What is Control of Identity & Access? This lecture discusses what IAM means and why regulation of this service is important.

• Classes, users & roles: this lecture will describe the distinctions within classes, users and roles and how such items are usually used • IAM policies: in this lecture, we will address what IAM policy is, how it is to be developed, updated and implemented within the AWS context.

CloudAcademy - AWS: Overview of AWS Identity & Access Management (IAM) Download

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