Django 2.0 from Zero to Hero and Deploy on Heroku and Amazon

Learn how to develop modern web sites and web applications with Django 2.0 deploying on Heroku and static files on AWS

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Django 2.0 from Zero to Hero and Deploy on Heroku and Amazon Free Tutorial Download

What will i learn?
  • Learn Django framework from scratch

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  • Computer and Internet access
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About This Class

In this course, we are going to cover websites and web applications using the latest version (2.0) of Django web framework.

We will go deep step-by-step into the Django framework understanding the whole request life cycle.

By the end of this course, you are going to have your own web application ( a Client manager ) published online in a highly reliable web server ( Heroku ) using the best practices in a very professional way.

First steps


Preparing the environment

Installing Python, Django, and Pycharm

Creating the project

Running the project for the first time

Creating apps

Creating your first URL’s and views

Using Models in the right way

Customizing Django Admin

Understanding Django views

Using the URL mechanism

How does Django handle static files

Hoe does Django handles Media files


Preparing the project

Creating the list view

Creating the Detail view

Creating the Update view

Creating the Delete view


Enabling Django Login System

Login and Logout URL

Database relationships

OneToOne relationships

Foreign key relationships

ManyToMany relationships

Preparing the project for deploying on Heroku

Installing the dependences

Creating the Heroku account

Configuring the Postgres database

Configuring the Static files

Deploying for the first time

Styling the project

Integrating with Bootstrap

Styling the forms with django-bootstrapform

Styling grids

Releasing a new version

Using Media files and Static files on AWS

Preparing the project for Amazon

Creating the Bucket on S3

Installing boto s3 on your project

Upload the files to S3 for the first time

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