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What will i learn?
  • Karuna Ki Reiki Master is the next stage after Reiki Master. Two stages, two tunings, four key symbols, eight symbols for therapy are used. You consider it beneficial to build a better cure for you and your customers than the Reiki Master.

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  • You should have completed the Master Reiki Level.
  • You should have reasonable experience as a Reiki Master and knowledge of the Reiki II and Mastersymbols.
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Karuna is Sanskrit, used for Hindu and Buddhist purposes. It applies to all steps taken to decrease people's misery which can also be converted as "compassionate action," and when people are educated all are recognized as one person. It is only normal to extend solidarity or Karuna to everyone without separating ourselves since we are all one. Many people profit from supporting others and assisting them with their recovery. Thanks to the harmony of all things, Karuna is known not just out of affection to everyone, but also because it is absolutely rational to do.

Karuna is the driving characteristic of any holy person who seeks to end Earth's misery. They give out infinite healing energies and advice regularly, but they are not always sensitive. When you grow Karuna in yourself, you not only support others but become responsive to the Karuna that all the illuminated entities bring to you. It even speeds up the regeneration. You will operate together for all the lit things by Karuna Ki Reiki. It encompasses those who are mentally and morally educated.

The Karuna Ki Reiki School. In order to apply for this program, a Reiki instructor will be a beginner who can pull from experience Reiki II and instructor symbols.

The next stage was the master of Reiki which requires two stages, 1 traditional master tuning, four master symbols which 8 symbols for care. For 10 years now, we have been playing with and teaching this method and finding it to be efficient and successful. Many students even think it better than Usui Reiki! The electricity provides a smoother sound. This offers mental and moral support and will also help to create a base.

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