Professional Advanced Angelic Healing Practitioner [2020]

Learn everything you need to know to offer paid for healings as an Advanced Angelic Healing Practitioner

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Professional Advanced Angelic Healing Practitioner [2020] Free Tutorial Download

What will i learn?
  • You will be able to offer an Advanced Level Angelic Healing with Advanced Level practises
  • You will qualify as an Advanced Angelic Healing Practitioner
  • You will learn about the 7 main archangels and their home the Lyran realms

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  • You need to have taken the Angelic Healing Practitioner Course
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This course is the next step after the Angelic Practitioner Course so you must finish it first before you finish it to make sense.

In this next degree of training, we will be able to conform ourselves to the 7 main archangels, explore the Archangels' kingdom of Lyra, read about the restoration of the Golden Angels, operate with the Chakra the Soul Light, Venus, antique icons, and read 9 techniques to lead you through the full progressive Angelic Restoration cycle.

Step by stage, there are live demos of the healing techniques and you can believe yourself if you use them.

You'll know what you need as an Advanced Level Angelic healer so you will be able to ask extra with your recovery as an Advanced Level Angelic Healer. Blessings in light Tania xx Who's for this course: Established angelic healers wanting to improve their knowledge of the angel world, current angelic healers who wish to provide a deeper healing experience for their clients

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